Thursday, February 3, 2011

Little Frog's Tail

My kids have been on-again/off-again sick this week... Eliana gives me hope that she's better one day and then she loses her lunch the next.  All of them have been sick sometime this week.  There's a little Spanish rhyme that translates: "Heal, Heal, little frog's tale." Jesse and I debated whether or not frogs actually have tails... I said yes, right before morphing into fully adult frog stage.  He thought no, that they only have tails as tadpoles.  I found this today.  Who wins this round? Oh, yeah! Ahem, I mean, I humbly accept that I just happened to be right.

On another note, today is Chinese New Year!  I hope that everyone who is healthy and in a place that's warm enough to actually leave your house will go support a local hole-in-the-wall Asian restaurant tonight.  I had hoped to make fried rice tonight... we'll see how many of us feel up to eating it.

Since however, we are stuck in our house because of weather and illness, our celebration has been, lame.  It's consisted of the kids watching Ni Hao, Kailan episodes off the net.  And this evening I plan to watch Owl and the Sparrow on Netflix.  Looks cute, and it's only rated PG, which in my book is a good thing... I won't have to worry about covering eyes through some ridiculous love scene. But I guess it's won some awards, so I'm hoping it'll be good.

I told you I'm going to start working on a quilt for Eliana's room sometime (soon hopefully).  Here's a collage of the fabrics I've found on Etsy.  Some of them are Alexander Henry, some are Kaffe Fassett, and some are from Japan... so cute! I'm excited to start receiving them in the mail.

Hope you all are staying well, but if you're sick like we've been: "Sana, sana, colita de rana."

Happy Chinese New Year!


mpoffman said...

Couldn't you have translated that to Chinese for the New Year? ;) Hope you're all better soon! Love you!!!

Sarah said...

sana sana colita de rana! They say that in Venezuela too! :) Hope your kids are feeling better soon!

Elisabeth said...

How was the movie? I like the fabric!

Bethany said...

The movie was good... pretty cute!