Thursday, February 24, 2011

Today's my Sister's Birthday

I'm so blessed by my little sister who used to give great dance performances with me on our front porch for our entire neighborhood to see.  That porch made a great stage!

Have I ever mentioned that we were home schooled? This may be why. We're nerds!

But I love nerds. In fact, I truly believe that the word nerd is a term of endearment.  So, if I ever call you a nerd or your baby a nerd-child... please don't take it wrong.  (It just means I have a whole lotta love for someone who's not afraid to be who God made them!)

And speaking of home schooling- here's our old home school group: The Lighthouse Fellowship. (Our families were educational pioneers- no one had heard of home schooling back then, much less believed it was legal!) We had been studying the Middle Age and Renaissance periods and this was our end unit party... which just happened to be on Elisabeth's 6th birthday.

Hehe! This makes me laugh! I have a bunch of fond memories with this group.

Happy non-sixth birthday, my nerd-child sister.  And thank you for the years of dances, dress-up, laughter, and creativity you've shared with me!  I love you.


mpoffman said...

I love it! Hope you share a link with all the now-grown Lighthouse Fellowship members. Can't wait for our upcoming reunion!!!
Happy Birthday Elisabeth - you brighten our lives!

Emily B. said...

So sweet! I love the old photos, especially the yellow dance outfits! I agree about the nerd-term of endearment. Elisabeth, I wish we could have had your company today! You are so loved and completely precious to us!