Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Snapshots

My great-grandmother, Carrie's china... it's been packed away now for almost 6 years now, but we broke it out for Eliana's tea party yesterday. Not a piece was broken at the party! Is that a record of some sort?

We had hail this afternoon... this is some of the roof now on our pavement.  Looks like I'll be calling the insurance guy tomorrow.

Eliana with the vintage perambulator she received as a gift from my mom and dad.  She loves it!
(It is pretty super!)

Hope you've been happy this weekend. Have anything special planned for this next week?  (I'd love to hear!)

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Emily B. said...

woo-hoo! I hope it's a new roof for you guys... it's your turn, right?! Glad none of the china was broken, if I'd realized it was Grandma Black's I might have been more nervous to use it!