Saturday, March 9, 2013

6 months

Rio, at six months you: are starting to army crawl, have started your first food--avocado, have two teeth on bottom, weigh 16 lb. and 5 oz., are 27 in. long-- the 84th percentile (are you my baby?), love to babble to anyone who will listen, still wake up in the middle of the night at least once and usually twice for a feeding,  are attentive and active and hate naptime, but such a good-natured baby! We love you and can't believe you're already half a year old! Can't wait to see how you grow the second half of the year! Much love!!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess...

with eyes, dark as ebony,

skin, fair as the snow

and a smile warm enough to melt it.

The princess was a shy little thing who spent most of her days with her loving family and a two-year-old they claimed was her brother.

Then on her fifth birthday, she decided it was time to venture out of her house and into her snowy kingdom.

While she was out in her kingdom, she happened upon an apple...

 it looked so juicy she was tempted to take a bite right then and there.

 But being well versed in historical princesses, she refrained. It might be poisoned...or it might not be.
There was only one way to find out.

And she knew the perfect two-year-old taste-tester!

(Dear Eliana, what a joy you are and what a blessing it has been to watch you blossom into your five-year-old self! We are so proud of your sweet, funny, giving spirit... it is a delight to watch you learn to love Jesus. We look forward to the next year and all the wonder you'll add to it! Much love, Mami and Papi)