Friday, March 9, 2012

Isaiah 58:6

This morning, Diego and Eliana learned who Joseph Kony is. They're determined to tell other people know about him so he can be brought to justice. Do you know yet?


If you haven't yet, please take the time to watch this 30 minute video. And then prayerfully consider how God would have you respond. Even if it's not by supporting Invisible Children... there are other ways to help! Blessings!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


My little girl turned four the end of February.

She completely amazes me.

The shy little girl is beginning to break out of her shell...

and slowly put herself out there.

Today, following her little brother's cue, she befriended an elderly gentleman as we waited for Diego to finish getting his hair cut.

She's a determined little thing, who's not easily swayed from her opinion once she's settled upon it.

 She would like this next baby to be a girl.

But is not so sure she wants to share her room.

Can't the baby just stay with Jesse and my room for all eternity if it's a girl?

She loves everything princess, and purple, and I catch her dancing when no ones looking: pirouettes around the living room- not the crazy disjointed break dancing her older brother has shown her.

She grows more independent: wanting to pour her own syrup, choose her own clothes, argue with her older brother instead of blindly following him on everything he wants to do. 

She's terrifically clumsy (like her mama)... falls off her chair at least three times a week; bumps into walls and corners; trips over her own two feet.

But bravely offers to help her papi as he works on our two-story roof (unlike her mama).

She sings like a little lark... I love our bedtime routine that always includes a song or two.

She insists that I say her name wrong: "It's Eli-Na-na, not Eliana!" "But I named you Eliana." "Well, you were wrong. I'm Eli-Na-na."

She loves Jesus... "I love Jesus more than you," she tells me. I can live with that!

Thank you, Jesus, for our little girl! Help us to grow her into a godly woman. May she learn to trust completely in your love and find refuge in your grace. Give us the wisdom and patience to do a good job and help us to point her to you even when we fail so that she will be able to do the same! Amen!