Monday, September 2, 2013

First Day of School

Yes, we started school on Labor Day.

I can do that because I'm in charge of scheduling.

And also because my kids have no idea what Labor Day is yet.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Welcome Home, Dear

In the last 7 years, I think I've probably worn dresses a total of 10 times. Not because I don't like dresses, but because, um, I'm always having children or nursing. That's pretty much put a damper on wearing dresses.

Many times, when I find a dress that I love and flatters my post-baby figure, I find that it won't work to nurse in. Or if I find a dress that will work for nursing, it's knit and hugs all the parts of my body that I don't really want hugged. Thank you very much. So yeah, I don't wear dresses much.

Recently, I've been eyeing dresses from the 40s and 50s on etsy. Love them, but my body isn't fitting into most of them any time soon (or ever) because the vast majority of them fall somewhere between an xxs and s. I do remember my grandmother telling me when I first got pregnant that she weighed 115 lbs at the 9 month mark of her first pregnancy. (Then I silently reminded myself that she smoked throughout all five of her pregnancies....) So yeah, as much as I love vintage, I have a hard time finding it to fit myself.

Then Shabby Apple got my attention their Dare to Design competition! I love Shabby Apple, I love their love for vintage and their commitment to modesty. I have one of their dresses... which has been worn about half of the times I've worn a dress in the past few years. It's this one:

Orange Ruffled Scoop Neck Dress

It's fabulous, I love the way it fits and I love that I feel great when I wear it even though I'm not particular happy with my post-baby body. I'd wear it more often, if only I wan't nursing most of the time.

So, I took Shabby Apple up on their challenge to design a 40's style dress. This is what I'd want, if I could have my way. And in honor of my Granny, who was a beautiful woman, who only weighed 115 at the end of her pregnancy, and who believed that you should always look your best for your husband when he returns from a hard days work, here's my "Welcome Home, Dear" dress.

So, tell me, if you were to design a dress, what would it look like?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

8 Months

Whoops! 7 months flew right past your mama! and I only realized it when someone finally asked me how old you were and I started doing the math!

Rio, at eight months, you have four teeth with which you like to bite! You say: Mama, Papa, and Hi! (But you mostly say Mama!) You are no longer the youngest cousin on my side of the family! You army crawl all over the place and we have trouble keeping you out from underneath the furniture. You are always on the go! You adore your biggest brother and always light up when he walks by. Your favorite foods are avocado and bananas! You love jabbering away to anyone who will listen but don't always choose appropriate times to do so... you especially love to talk during a sermon which makes it difficult for your mama to ever hear a sermon! Your smile is contagious and your laugh brings so much joy to our home! Love you little one!

How about an extra shot since we missed 7 months? By the way, your grandpa says your t-shirt is the ultimate in hand-me-downs (it's mine and almost 34 years old!).

See Rio at:

Saturday, March 9, 2013

6 months

Rio, at six months you: are starting to army crawl, have started your first food--avocado, have two teeth on bottom, weigh 16 lb. and 5 oz., are 27 in. long-- the 84th percentile (are you my baby?), love to babble to anyone who will listen, still wake up in the middle of the night at least once and usually twice for a feeding,  are attentive and active and hate naptime, but such a good-natured baby! We love you and can't believe you're already half a year old! Can't wait to see how you grow the second half of the year! Much love!!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess...

with eyes, dark as ebony,

skin, fair as the snow

and a smile warm enough to melt it.

The princess was a shy little thing who spent most of her days with her loving family and a two-year-old they claimed was her brother.

Then on her fifth birthday, she decided it was time to venture out of her house and into her snowy kingdom.

While she was out in her kingdom, she happened upon an apple...

 it looked so juicy she was tempted to take a bite right then and there.

 But being well versed in historical princesses, she refrained. It might be poisoned...or it might not be.
There was only one way to find out.

And she knew the perfect two-year-old taste-tester!

(Dear Eliana, what a joy you are and what a blessing it has been to watch you blossom into your five-year-old self! We are so proud of your sweet, funny, giving spirit... it is a delight to watch you learn to love Jesus. We look forward to the next year and all the wonder you'll add to it! Much love, Mami and Papi) 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

And then the princess turns 5

Not going to say it's not true, but she thinks she's a princess. Okay, she knows she is. She'll often tell her baby sister that she can be a princess when she gets a bit older, too. So, it seems only right that all she's wanted to do was have a princess party for over a year now. Last time, I talked her into pompoms and pancakes, but it's getting a bit more difficult to persuade her of birthday themes each year. (Shocking, I know!) I did get her to narrow it down to Snow White.

So, don't be surprised when if you see this in your mailbox soon... you know who you are! We're looking forward to celebrating her special day!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Our Valentine's

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day... we had a crazy, busy day but it was full of fun. Eliana and Jesse had a lunch date. And Jesse and I had the chance to order take-out from a favorite Thai restaurant and watch Jane Eyre (which Jesse got for me and had somehow not yet seen). He also brought me flowers and picked up the afghan for me because I happened to spot it in a thrift store window driving by on my way to Krispy Kreme with the kids. I love the colors and was pretty excited to see it in person since I'd seen it in such a blur before! So thankful he was willing to go thrifting for me... that's true love there!