Wednesday, May 1, 2013

8 Months

Whoops! 7 months flew right past your mama! and I only realized it when someone finally asked me how old you were and I started doing the math!

Rio, at eight months, you have four teeth with which you like to bite! You say: Mama, Papa, and Hi! (But you mostly say Mama!) You are no longer the youngest cousin on my side of the family! You army crawl all over the place and we have trouble keeping you out from underneath the furniture. You are always on the go! You adore your biggest brother and always light up when he walks by. Your favorite foods are avocado and bananas! You love jabbering away to anyone who will listen but don't always choose appropriate times to do so... you especially love to talk during a sermon which makes it difficult for your mama to ever hear a sermon! Your smile is contagious and your laugh brings so much joy to our home! Love you little one!

How about an extra shot since we missed 7 months? By the way, your grandpa says your t-shirt is the ultimate in hand-me-downs (it's mine and almost 34 years old!).

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Stephanie said...

She is too cute!

Michelle said...

Wow four teeth already?! She's three ahead of Owen!