Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wives Submit

Honestly, these words smack me in the face more often than I'd like to admit. My sin nature doesn't like to submit. And often I've done the exact opposite.

This summer has been a battle. One between myself and God... much like the ones I'm having with my almost-two-year-old because I know what's best for him but he still wants his own way. But when it came down to it I realized that when I wasn't submitting to Jesse, I wasn't having faith in my God. If I truly place my hope in God, then I can be confident that He can work in Jesse to make good and right decisions for our family. The battle is big and there are still many times where I fail. But slowly, I'm learning to place my faith in God and submit to my husband.

My church is doing a sermon series on marriage right now, and seriously, it is helpful. If you want to better your marriage or want to start a marriage (someday) on the right foot, then go check it out. Here's a link to today's sermon. Blessings! 

Saturday, September 29, 2012


This week, I've been drinking americanos. Mainly because we're out of the syrup I usually use in my lattes but I do have coffee creamer to use in coffee. But I broke our french press last year so I can't make coffee. It works. But I'm not a huge fan. Whatever. I'll take the coffee however I can get it.

Because I've been dragging. Which is one of the reasons I haven't been posting a lot. Honestly, I'm trying to figure out how to homeschool while having little ones running around causing havoc. So glad Wendy posted this today... I need as much advice on schooling this year as I can get!

Another post I absolutely needed this week was about the loading the dish washer (and grace). Loved it... it was so encouraging and you should read it! Especially if you have young kids. Or if you find even little things challenging. Which I do. A lot right now.

And then there's this just a fun giveaway post... for Blowfish Shoes over at Casey's. Diego and I decided these were the boots to get if I win... which is very unlikely to happen so. It was nice to dream for a few minutes. (I think I was still single the last time I spent that much for a pair of shoes.)

You know those people who just exude Jesus? I wanna be like that when I grow up... I'm working on it! I've met this lady and just knew she must be a believer... when I saw the video, I told Jesse I just knew it and he completely agreed. So awesome to see God taking care of His people. And also how His people love on others.  Loved the line about the DNA of God.

We missed our homeschool trip to the pumpkin patch yesterday because it was supposed to rain and I was having a hard time getting someone to think accompanying me and my brood into a rainy, muddy patch sounded like fun. Can you believe it? So my mama is taking my sister, the kids and I today. So, I should go get ready or something! 

Have a great Saturday!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Rio: 1 Month

Happy 1 Month, Little Rio!

Currently, you still go cross-eyed from time to time. You've been on your first girls only road trip to Kansas City. You sometimes smile and your grandpa swears you laughed for him. (You wouldn't really laugh for him first, would you?) Cruz finally realized he loves you enough to be interested in saying your name. You are sometimes sleeping about a 5 hour stretch through the night. You are a great distraction during school, but mainly because you're so adorable your older siblings just have a hard time concentrating on anything else.

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Rio, my sister, my momma and I went to KC for a girl's day getaway. I got back super late last night and when I woke up I had  Cyclops staring me in the face. Apparently, he inherited my allergy to mosquitoes.  After a couple doses of Benedryl, a good, long nap  (I've forgotten how well that stuff can knock you out), and some lunch, he's in a good mood and can open his eye a bit better! Hope you're having a great Sunday!

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good!
    Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A long line...

My great-grandmother was the daughter of a minister. His name was Charles Dewitt Hestwood and he pastored in Kansas the majority of his life.

His father, William Finley Hestwood, and the majority of his brothers were also preachers.  (Sidenote: This also happens to be how my little nephew came by his name.) And his father before him. Many of them were circuit preachers traveling and living in difficult circumstances for the sake of the Gospel.

Both my dad and brother have spent time as youth pastors.

Then there's Jesse's side. Both his mom and dad are pastors. They've planted numerous churches in Texas and Mexico. Two of his older brothers are also pastors.

So, when one of Diego's community group teachers pulled Jesse outside for a moment on Sunday, I'm not quite sure why I was so surprised. (Okay, maybe I thought he was in trouble.) But Jesse came running back into the house for his phone and came back with the tail-end of a sermon.

Perhaps we have another preacher in the family.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Day One

We started school today... it's that or get done with school in July. Again. And we'd like more of a summer next year. So, here we are! Excited. And nervous. Super, super nervous. How does one teach while you have a newborn and a toddler to take care of? (These are things that were not addressed in all my El. Ed. classes. So much for a having a teaching degree. *sigh*) Here we go!

Friday, September 14, 2012

3 Weeks

Rio is 3 weeks old today. She's handling her old age well. At her one week appointment, she was at 7 lbs. 6 oz.

Yesterday, she was at 8 lbs. 11.5 oz. Apparently, she's eating well if she gained over a pound in less than two weeks. Miss Rosario Eden, you now weigh what your brother Cruz weighed at birth! Welcome to the big baby club.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

School for Princesses

Something about this sweet little vintage button dress reminds me of Snow White. These photos are from a couple of weeks ago while we were still at the hospital... but I wanted to share them.

I think part of it may be due to Eliana... I made the mistake of letting her watch Snow White a few weeks ago, and I've seen it at least a dozen time since.

Part of it is that dark hair and that pale skin.

And part of it is probably due to the fact that when we're not talking about dinosaurs around here, then we're talking about princesses. For example this morning, when I was indulging in one of the awesome pumpkin bagels that my even awesom-er sister brought for me from her recent trip to Kansas City.

Diego: Why are you so excited about bagels?
Me: I just love these bagels... when I was in college my friends and I would always go and get the pumpkin bagels from this place when it was fall.
Diego: I think I want to go to college.
Me: I hope you do!
Diego: Can I take classes about dinosaurs at college?
Me: Yes, you can.
Eliana: I want to take princess classes when I'm in college!

Yep, my girl wants to get her major in Princessology. Jesse thinks that means that there's definitely not any Home Ec. classes in her future... but I'm not so sure, seems to me that a lot of those princesses start out as scullery maids.

Another picture for you: Our attempt at a family portrait after Rio's baby dedication last week.

Rio and Eliana- Dresses: Vintage Shoes: Thrifted
Diego- Shorts and Shirt: Target
Cruz- Shirt and shorts: Thrifted

Linking up!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Big Girl

Started dance classes for the first time today. We signed up last minute and were unprepared for class or photos...

But she was plenty happy to model her new ballet shoes after we got them home.

She couldn't stop talking about her 30 minutes of class (it's a 45 minute class but we were 15 minutes late).

She loves that little sister so much and can't wait to dance with her... and find ballet shoes that'll fit those naked feet.

 She rediscovered her sewing cards after nap.

She's turning into quite the little lady between dance, and sewing, and love of all things baby... I'm sure enjoying her!

Saturday, September 8, 2012


I wanted to share a few things with you that have been wandering around my mind for the past few days but have little to do with one another. These pictures are of the day Rio arrived. I think they sum up each kid's attitude about the new little one quite well:

 Diego: adoring, protective, big brother

Eliana: Absolutely in love and perhaps a bit infatuated... leaning to the slightly crazy/dangerous side

Cruz: Happiest at a distance and to have a parent all to himself; far, far away from baby sister. In fact, he would much rather learn the name of a friend's dog in an hour than say baby sister's name in the first two weeks :/

My wonderful cousin, Emily Bergquist, took some beautiful shots of Rio this week. Love them!

Went to a Porterbrook Kansas Conference today. Was not looking forward to it really because it meant spending the entire day away from Cruz who is in need of much mommy attention/instruction/discipline. Heard Joe Thorn speak. Was incredibly challenged in so many ways and am so thankful I had the opportunity to go! Not only is Joe a pastor and author, he is also the founder of Bearded Gospel Men, which is super funny, especially if you've seen the pastors at my church... or my brother.

The Red Barn Outdoor Market is next weekend. I would love to go if I have the chance, but don't really have extra spending cash right now so I might not. I'm not sure. But if you have time and change you should! I really enjoyed it last spring. So much so, I considered having a booth this time, but then thought the better of it. I mean, seriously, how on earth would I manage a booth and a 3-week-old at the same time? Maybe next year.

For those of you not aware, I've had four c-sections... the first one, an emergency. It was devastating to me at the time: that I didn't "really" give birth, that it didn't go according to my "plan," etc. And although I do realize that more c-sections happen in the US than are truly necessary and that should be fixed, I do also wish that someone (that first time around) had told me to hold more loosely my own "birth plan," find a good doctor I could trust, and to have an attitude of thankfulness to a God who is good and always has a better plan for me (and my kids) than I could ever come up with. That's why I loved this post so much.

Okay, that's all for tonight! Blessings!

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Rio was dedicated on Sunday... at nine days old.

I can't even begin to say how much I loved it... it was such a meaningful time. To present her to the Lord and ask His help and guidance to raise her. Praying that one day she may grasp the grace and love that God has so lavishly poured out on us.

This was the most precious part to me. 

All these loved ones gathered around my little girl praying for her. Praying for Jesse and I as parents. Praying for our family.

(This beautiful lady took all these wonderful photos... thank you!)