Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wives Submit

Honestly, these words smack me in the face more often than I'd like to admit. My sin nature doesn't like to submit. And often I've done the exact opposite.

This summer has been a battle. One between myself and God... much like the ones I'm having with my almost-two-year-old because I know what's best for him but he still wants his own way. But when it came down to it I realized that when I wasn't submitting to Jesse, I wasn't having faith in my God. If I truly place my hope in God, then I can be confident that He can work in Jesse to make good and right decisions for our family. The battle is big and there are still many times where I fail. But slowly, I'm learning to place my faith in God and submit to my husband.

My church is doing a sermon series on marriage right now, and seriously, it is helpful. If you want to better your marriage or want to start a marriage (someday) on the right foot, then go check it out. Here's a link to today's sermon. Blessings! 

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Ginny said...

I love this... My heart feels the same at the moment. This sermon series (and today's sermon) has come at the perfect time for me and the hubs (hmm, I wonder "Who" ordained that??) :)