Saturday, September 29, 2012


This week, I've been drinking americanos. Mainly because we're out of the syrup I usually use in my lattes but I do have coffee creamer to use in coffee. But I broke our french press last year so I can't make coffee. It works. But I'm not a huge fan. Whatever. I'll take the coffee however I can get it.

Because I've been dragging. Which is one of the reasons I haven't been posting a lot. Honestly, I'm trying to figure out how to homeschool while having little ones running around causing havoc. So glad Wendy posted this today... I need as much advice on schooling this year as I can get!

Another post I absolutely needed this week was about the loading the dish washer (and grace). Loved it... it was so encouraging and you should read it! Especially if you have young kids. Or if you find even little things challenging. Which I do. A lot right now.

And then there's this just a fun giveaway post... for Blowfish Shoes over at Casey's. Diego and I decided these were the boots to get if I win... which is very unlikely to happen so. It was nice to dream for a few minutes. (I think I was still single the last time I spent that much for a pair of shoes.)

You know those people who just exude Jesus? I wanna be like that when I grow up... I'm working on it! I've met this lady and just knew she must be a believer... when I saw the video, I told Jesse I just knew it and he completely agreed. So awesome to see God taking care of His people. And also how His people love on others.  Loved the line about the DNA of God.

We missed our homeschool trip to the pumpkin patch yesterday because it was supposed to rain and I was having a hard time getting someone to think accompanying me and my brood into a rainy, muddy patch sounded like fun. Can you believe it? So my mama is taking my sister, the kids and I today. So, I should go get ready or something! 

Have a great Saturday!

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