Monday, February 14, 2011

Heart Day and Heart Convictions

Heart Day:

Started with heart shaped pancakes... I added sprinkles because we were out of red food coloring.

Eliana wanted sprinkles on her banana, too.

And ended with cupcakes.

Inbetween, I was ugly and mean with my husband who was (in turn) exceptionally nice to me. (Don't ask.)

But God used this sweet girl's post to remind me that I needed stop and ask God for a Happy Heart.

And this sweet girl's post to remind me that love is not selfish.

When will I learn? Thank you, God, for good friends who have tender hearts that listen to you and are willing to share your words with the rest of the world. (Namely me.) 

On that note, Good Night and Happy Valentine's Day.

PS- I love you, Jesse.  Thank you for loving me--even when I'm more of me and less of Him.  I'll try to be less of me tomorrow.

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Mindy M. Harris said...

cute cupcakes! and thanks for linking back to me again. i had a blast on saturday and your energy was so encouraging. and the picture frame? i have no words!!