Monday, February 28, 2011

Sweet Pea's Tea

At Eliana's Tea...

everyone was required to wear hats.

Fortunately, there were several to be had.
But if you happened to leave yours at home or just wanted to try a new look, she provided plenty of other options for you.  And, of course, a looking glass to check out your new style.

There were teapots brimming with flowers.

But there were plenty filled with tea, too!
And of course, there was food!
And, let's not forget cupcakes.

Her mami's favorite part was the photo booth- complete with her great-great-great aunt's crazy quilt. (Family photos in front of a family heirloom.)

The birthday girl was of course in high fashion.

And her lips are sealed as to just exactly what she wished for.

Her cousins were glamorous but didn't mind sitting at the kiddie table to spend some special time with her.

And a vintage parasol and pram were soon opened and paraded through out the house. 
(Because every good tea should include a parade.)

Thank you everyone for coming and making Eliana's day so special... we love you all!


stephanie said...

what a lovely tea party! just beautiful!

Dot said...

What an adorable idea! Bethany, you weren't much older than your daughter when I first met you! What an absolutely beautiful little girl.....and Eliana is beautiful too!

va said...

What fun!!