Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Peek at the Girl's Room

Very few people have seen the upstairs portion of my house. And there's a reason for that.  Namely, it's usually a big mess.  Well, my whole house can get messy, but this... There's paperwork and clothes to be put away and our upstairs bathroom is still in the remodeling process... we started that process before Eliana was born and she's almost three. 

But my kids rooms--most of the time they're pretty tidy.  I do try to at least create some semblance of order for them and it's in their rooms that I'm best at creating that order.  But because my room remains a crazy mess, no one is invited upstairs.

I realized today as I was taking pictures of my kids in Eliana's room (for my new header) that even though there are still things that I would like to do to her room (paint the trim, install a doorknob on her closet, and put shelves above her windows... the girl has 9 windows) that over all her room is pretty nice.  It's an enjoyable place to be.  And even though all the things on my list to do to her room aren't done, most likely, when they are, I'll have another 5 to add to the list because my living spaces tend to be in a constant state of evolution... partly because there's only so much time in the day and only so much money to be spent and partly because I'm constantly finding new things to add or change.  (That's part of the problem with looking at so many wonderful blogs, there's always something new to want to do.)

So, here is Eliana's room as it is.  Do you feel privileged to see it?  I can name only about 6 other people who have ever set eyes on it, so you really should. ;)

To the very right, is a fish mobile that Elisabeth picked up for Eliana in Thailand. The mirror was in our upstairs bathroom before we began remodeling.  And the lampshade is one I recovered with a vintage embroidery piece that was too stained to do much else with.

I started collecting knick-knacks for her room long before she came along... long before I was married.  In fact, a few of the things sitting on her vanity were purchased when I was in high school.  (I've always had a thing for Asia.)

I picked up these hooks in San Antonio at a World Market... about 7 years ago (with the intent of using them in a little girl's room).  They were installed about 2 months ago.  Emily made the tutu for a birthday present.

I found the crib at a garage sale last summer for a few dollars... when I make her bedding (future post) I hope to make something for this crib too. The chairs, table, and chair cover were all from garage sales... Eliana loves to have tea parties.

Jesse made the kitchen for her birthday last year.  The kids spend a lot of time here creating all sorts of concoctions.  My momma made this baby quilt... it doesn't cover her entire bed, but she still uses it.  I love all of the colors in it!

We keep her "silverware" in the tea canister I picked up at an estate sale.

Alright, now you have a better idea of what my upstairs consists of... I'll soon be posting some stuff pertaining to this room (because the little girl is turning 3!!! this month).

Have a blessed day and stay warm!


Amanda Ryherd-Feiock said...

I absolutely love it! You are so creative! I really enjoy reading your posts...

Sarah said...

So cute! I love the bright colors. Also, your new header looks great! What program did you use?

Stephanie said...

her room is so adorable and love the new header!