Friday, February 11, 2011

Gifts for my Girl (and Friday Favorites)

I'm the type who finds bargains and saves them for special occasions as they arise.  So last month, when I was at the flea market, I found some super cute things I knew I needed to save for Eliana's birthday. (Forget the fact it was over a month away.) Fortunately, she doesn't read my blog, so I think I'm pretty safe showing you what I've got in store for her special day!

First up this little baby--how cute ($3), and you know he will go really well with...

A big sister ($2). Both will fit right into Eliana's vintage Asian themed room.  They both remind me of the dolls my momma has--Miss Happiness and Miss Flower. Do any of you remember that book? I remember loving it--may have to read it again sometime soon.

I'd been looking for something along this line for awhile now, to replace a bulky plastic one.  It was a score for only $6--check out this very similar one on Etsy for $50!

And of course if she's going to have a tea party birthday, then she needs a real tea set.  I picked this one up probably two years ago at an estate sale for a few dollars. (I told you I store away things for special future events.)

And this little salt shaker was sweet and although not a perfect match, it's still nice with the set. I picked it up at a garage sale last summer for a buck.

I also have a small little rocking chair down in my basement I may look at reupholstering in the next couple weeks, if I can get around to it.  We'll see..

And now, I'm rummaging through Etsy to see what else I can find for my sweet little girl who blesses my life with laughter and besos.  Here's some of what I've found so far:

Now, off to get some rest.  I have two parties and some sewing to do tomorrow. What are your plans?  Happy Friday!

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