Thursday, February 17, 2011

Who Cares about Floors...

when it's such a beautiful day?

So, I left mine looking like this.
(Hey, don't judge.  We left at the buttcrack of dawn or, um, maybe it was almost 11 o'clock. Same diff.)

Anyway, we met up with some of our favoritest people at the zoo.

I love all these girlies so much!

And I love this little guy, too!  (He's always wearing the cutest little outfits.)

We saw the flamingos in all their pink glory!

Eliana's smiles of delight at the animals brightened my day.

The kids discovered secret forest paths as they ran ahead of us.

Diego spent most of his time scratching in the dirt... such a boy!

The peacock strutted his stuff.

Evie kept us giggling with her funny dances and walks.

Cruz settled down and  took a good nap.

And this little guy came so near, I could have reached out and touched him.
(But I kept my hands to myself and just took his picture instead. He was pretty spectacular.)

I'm so blessed with wonderful family... thank you ladies for such an enjoyable time.

And now, for my surprise find:

This is the tea set I had remembered-- and this is the one Eliana will be getting for her birthday.  It also is from an estate sale.  (I paid $12.50 for it, which was half off what it was originally marked.) Now, to figure out what to do with the extra tea set... it may eventually make an appearance in my Etsy shop when I reopen it.  We'll see!

Hope you've had a lovely day as well.  What have you been up to?


mpoffman said...

I'm jealous, wish I could have joined you! Oh, that probably wasn't a very "sweet" thought.

Bethany said...

I wish you could have joined us too! I love you, Momma.

stephanie said...

how fun! i wish i could go to the zoo in the middle of winter in a skirt and short sleeves! what a lovely day! that tea set is gorgeous too what a lovely gift for your little sweetie!

Mindy Harris said...

promise i didn't ditcha girls for an estate sale. i decided to hit it last minute, after a park playdate. looks like you had a BLAST!