Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Funny Thing...

Do you remember this?

I said I'd purchased it at an estate sale and stuck it away for Eliana. Except when I pulled it out, although I remembered it, it wasn't what I had remembered.  I thought it was a larger set and I thought it had a more Asian feel to it.  Oh well, I thought, my memory must be failing me.  I chalked it up to mommy brain and went on with my day.

Well, on Saturday when I was rummaging around in my gift closet, I found something... would you like to see it?  Well you can't just yet.  Because it's very late and there's not good light to take a picture of it right now.  And I've had a long day at BSF and work. And because my husband's about to step out of the shower and is going to want me to go up to bed with him any minute now. 

(But I'll show it to you tomorrow.)

Hope you've had a wonderful Wednesday.  See you tomorrow.


Josh said...

You can chalk that mispalling up to your mommy brain to.

Bethany said...

Thanks, Joshy. Chock is actually a word too, but in this instance, you're right. It is chalk:

When I came to writing that phrase, I knew I ought to look it up before publishing my post but I didn't. Oh, well.