Friday, February 11, 2011

My Magazine Holder

I said I was going to post today, but the days been crazy and now, it's time for Jimmy Fallon, so I know it's getting late. But I wanted to share how I made my magazine holder because it was super easy to make. (I believe I saw this on another blog, but it's been long enough, I don't remember where... source, anyone?)

The things you'll need are: a hot glue gun, some scrap fabric (a fat quarter would be about right), and an old cereal box- make sure your magazines actually fit inside (I know this should be a no-brainer but apparently I didn't have a brain yesterday and so, I had to curl them up a bit to fit them in. Oh well!  It still looks good on the shelf.)
Take scissors (or a craft knife) an cut the top of the box like so (I used no measuring tools for this- I did use a piece of paper to help me draw straight lines before I cut.
Start a bead of glue down one of the short sides and press fabric edge down firmly.

Wrap the fabric around the box and back to the short side. Put another bead of glue on the starting line and fold the end of the fabric under before pressing down.

The bottom of the box was similar to wrapping a gift (but you're using glue instead of tape).

The top was a bit trickier.  I had to cut a slit at one of the short end corners but I basically just glued the excess into the box- making sure to pull tightly to eliminate any sagging.

Cute easy and (if you're a fabric hoarder like me) practically free.  I had everything I needed for this project laying around my house. (Perfect for a snowy day when you're stuck inside the house.)