Saturday, February 12, 2011

But Look What Came in the Mail

It's been a crazy busy day...

I started out the day going through my gift closet looking for some things I had set aside for a sweet baby who is coming soon.  I decided what I had wasn't enough, so I made some pink bunting from some vintage binding and left over fabric from a skirt I made over 10 years ago.  It turned out cute and I think it will go well in her pretty brown room with pink accents. 

After her momma's baby shower, I headed to my mom's house. We hit target for a birthday present for my little niece, Sarala, who will be 2!! How can that be? Time flies, my friends.

Back to my mom's house where we worked on laying out quilt pieces for Diego and Cruz's matching bedding.  Fun, fun! It was so nice to spend time with my momma working on a special project together.

After a busy day, I dropped off the kids at home to a husband who bathed and put the kids to bed (my husband rocks!) while I headed over to my dear friend, Mindy's house for a night of Tupperware... where I bought a replica of a toy I used to play with over at my granny's house.  (I'll be storing it away for Cruz's birthday.)

I finally got home at 10, where a special package from The Cupcake Confessional was waiting for me!  I'm so excited to use these retro wrappers and silver sugar for Eliana's party... I'm thinking Strawberry cupcakes are in store for her special day.  Yummy!

How was your Saturday?  Was it busy like mine or did you relax and enjoy quiet time by yourself?  Tell me!

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Michelle said...

Oh I love getting fun stuff in the mail! How exciting! It was great getting to see you again last night!