Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tea Party Photo Shoot

Today I talked suckered my sister into coming over to my house to take pictures of Eliana.  (Photos seem to be the staple party favor and I needed pictures of Eliana for this weekend.)

I grabbed the vintage green tea set that she won't be getting for her birthday.

And this bunny--my momma's birthday present. (It's okay, she already knows what she's getting.)

And we Elisabeth got to work.

These are some pictures from my phone camera... and why, yes, that is my dirty laundry in the background.

Hopefully, Elisabeth did better keeping it out of her photos than I did. 

Thank you, wonderful sister of mine, for coming over (with lunch!) and taking pictures.  We love you!


mpoffman said...

OOOHHH! I missed out again! Cute pictures, though. Can't wait for the real tea party!

Michelle said...

How exciting! Should be a fun birthday for her!

stephanie said...

what a lovely tea party! your daughters hair piece is just adorable! x0x0