Friday, February 25, 2011

And Now She's Three

Today my little girl turned three. She's smart and a bit sassy.  She can be contrary, but loving.  She likes to snuggle, as long as it's on her terms.  She's learning letter sounds and loves to sing "Away in the Manger"... even though Christmas is long gone.  She adores her big brother and loves to help with her little brother.  She's definitely the princess of the family. She loves to wear dresses and twirl. She wants to pick out her own clothes and has recently become interested in accessorizing her outfits. When she looks in the mirror, she says: "Jesus made me beautiful!" And He did.

Thank You, Jesus, for Eliana.  We weren't expecting her when we found out she was coming, but she's brought more joy to our lives than we could have imagined. We are thankful for the way she blesses us and stretches us.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Pea. We love you!

(Thank you, my wonderful sister, for the the photos!)


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday!

Kyle said...

thanks for sending me your link! happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!