Friday, February 4, 2011

It Finally Arrived (and Friday Favorites)

It stopped working correctly about a year ago.  For a long time I thought I just wasn't doing something right because it's not an area of expertise for me, but back in November I finally had my momma look at it... since she's the Home Ec. Major and knows about these things, right? And she couldn't figure it out.  So, I submitted to the fact that I was going to have to take it in.  I was afraid they were going to laugh at it and tell me I bought a bad machine (even if it was a Singer) and try to sell me something else. Gulp. So, I put it off... until two weeks ago when I finally bit the bullet. Hooray! When he saw what it was he said: "I wish they still made them like this, it's a good machine."  Jesse picked it up for me today.

SO, I finally completed a project I started a year ago!  (It took about 5 minutes to finally complete.)  Last year, the kids and I took shave red and pink crayon pieces and melted them between two sheets of wax paper with an iron.  Then I traced a bunch of hearts and cut them out.  And stopped right there.  The project sat around my house for a year... until I dug it out today.

I sewed them into strings with red thread and tacked them up in my windows!  Pretty Happy Valentines! And it's a super cheap project... as long as you don't have to spend $60 fixing your machine.

Here's a peek at my friend Mindy's super cute and affordable Valentine's wreath.  Pretty, pretty!

And here's a peek at what I want for Valentine's Day:

What are you doing to decorate for Valentine's Day? 

Happy Friday!


Mindy M. Harris said...

awesome garland! thanks for linking to my wreath. shawn may or may not have TWICE untangled the yarn i used.

Michelle said...

Your house has intrigued me! Every time I get a little glimpse in your pictures, it leaves me wanting more. It looks like it's got the old home style that I love!