Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Snapshots

This afternoon, my momma, Elisabeth and I had a chance to meet up with two of my aunts, a cousin, and her two boys.  It was such a nice time but, I was flaky and didn't take pictures. When will I learn?

I got home, and both of my big kids were asleep.  Shortly thereafter, Eliana got up. Some day she will stop carrying this panda bear around with her everywhere she goes.  And I will cry.  (I love that panda bear almost as much as she does.)

Before the kids woke up I worked on a couple of pages in a photo book I'm making.  (I found a Groupon worth $50 of photo books for $15 this morning!)  I am working on a hard copy of last year's blog posts.  Since I don't scrap book and barely ever fill in baby books, this will have to be our documentation of the kids growing up. I'm really excited about this!

Here's the new draw pulls I bought for my granny's old desk. It had a couple of missing and broken pulls.  I bought the new ones from Anthropologie for $3 a piece. Score! (I often will buy cool hardware from them when they hit clearance prices I can afford.)

And just for a frame of reference, my granny's desk is in our school room (which is a work in progress I've said before though, I think my whole house will always be evolving) and these are the curtains my momma made for me that hang in there. The fabric is Kaffe Fassett's Sprays in brown. I love love love them- thanks again, Momma!

Tell me about your weekend... what have you been up to?

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Elisabeth said...

Finished the toadstool! All except for the bottom that is. Hopefully it will workout well for the photoshoot tomorrow. :)