Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eliana's 2nd Birthday

Since you've seen Eliana's room, it should come as no surprise that I would at some point choose an Asian
theme for her second birthday party.
For invites, I handmade huge fortune cookies with the invitations printed on paper strips inside.  I picked up Chinese takeout boxes and customized them with our "restaurant" information.

This sweet Chinese brocade outfit was the main reason I chose an Asian theme- see, once again, clothes dictated the theme of a party.

I baked Crab Rangoon- a healthier (but not quite as yummy) option.

My friend Eelinh's mom made these wonderful sesame balls for the party. Eliana loves them.

See? I told you. She ate about 5 during the party and kept hoarding them in her shopping cart.

I made chai cupcakes... a Martha Stewart recipe.  I thought the cake was too dense, but the frosting was pretty awesome. (This plate and matching napkins on clearance at Pier One pretty much sealed the deal on a Asian theme party.)

Most of the cakes had parasols on them.

I've found that the cake table is the easiest to decorate.

This guy was hanging above the table.

I placed wallet sized photos in a pair of shoes so our guests could help themselves.

Even some of the wrapping and some of the gifts were Asian themed.

Side note: Diego, more often than not, gets sick for parties, birthdays, or anniversaries. I'm half convinced it's nerves. Here he is in his vintage pj bottoms sneaking a peek at the party fun.  (He's standing behind the kitchen he helped his papi make for her birthday gift.)

I sure love this girl and can't wait to celebrate another year of her life this Saturday!

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Michelle said...

You are so creative!! Great job!