Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

For a long time, thrift shops have not been my thing. Not. At. All.It's not that I have anything against used things. In fact, I love used things. I love things with a past--things with a story I may never find out. But here's the deal, over the past several years it seems like when I've walked into a thrift store I find a worn-out Circo brand t-shirt marked for $3, get angry, and walk out. I'm not mad because I really wanted the shirt for myself. Rather, I'm upset that the people that are running the stores aren't doing the community any favors by offering a very used item (that was given to the thrift store for free) for the same price it was purchased for the first time around.  If I donate a shirt I bought for three dollars, I want you to sell it to someone who needs it for a quarter... not three dollars!

Anyway, I've recently been changing my tune.  I still get upset when I see old K-mart tees for way too much (is it really too much to teach employees how to appropriately price the most common brands that enter their back door?), but I am beginning to realize that some of these stores dramatically reduce the price of their merchandise at the end of a season--which makes me a happier camper.

Anyhoo, I told you I went to a sale with my cousin at a thrift store (where I found my curtain and sound of music dress fabric). I'd never been there before and was pleasantly surprised with their reasonable prices... vintage was a bit more at times, which I'm cool with. But even then the vintage things were pretty cheap.

Here are a few of my other finds I found that day:

A vintage S.A. pendant to remind me of our first two years of married life in a place that is terrific to visit... but one we wouldn't choose to move back to. 

As soon as I saw this pitcher, I thought: Who on earth would buy this on a trip to Worlds of Fun? I'm still not sure. It wouldn't be something I'd choose. But I'd sure buy it for 13 centavos at a thrift makes me laugh every time I see it!

And here are a few from my trip today (my in-laws love garage sales and thrift stores!):

Barely used Stride Rites for Cruz.

As soon as I found this sweater, I sent a picture of it to my sister. Her response was something like: "I've been wanting that my whole life!" My thoughts exactly. Unfortunately, it won't fit either of us, but Eliana is one lucky girl come next fall! 

All coats and jackets were $1.49 today! Perfect, because I've recently realized that perhaps it might be a good idea to have something nicer than a hoodie for a spring jacket--especially if I want to wear the vintage heels I picked up a few weeks back!

Have you been thrifting recently? What have been your favorite finds?

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Elisabeth Owens said...

O/k fine! She can wear it this year and then it's Finley's. Name you price! ;)