Friday, March 4, 2011

Good Reads (and Friday Favorites)

Eliana received a few new books for her birthday and some of them I am quite enjoying!  Thought I'd share some of them with you today.

I loved this as a girl and love it more now.

Elisabeth bought this one--with a vintage umbrella to go along with it!

This was one of Evie's favorites... so fun and sweet.
(We especially love how the dog and girl have the same expressions.)

Go check 'em out... we love them!

And speaking of good books, I've been perusing the artwork on Etsy this past month looking for something special to hang in our school room to encourage reading.  I've found a lot of fantastic prints!  Now, I just need to narrow down my selection and buy.  Hard, hard stuff to do! What to choose?

Take a look and give me your opinion. Or just share some of your favorite picture books... we're always on the hunt for more!


Elisabeth Owens said...

Paul wants to know if you're encouraging your kids to read Edgar Allan Poe??? Maybe a little too morbid for kids. ;)

I love the bear and the little girl. I've like her stuff for awhile now and think that's the one!

Bethany said...

Would I score some cool pointsw/him if I did? Not quite yet, but I hope to homeschool for a while and would not be opposed to exposng them to some of his lighter works in late eleentary school.