Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Snapshots

I went back to Aldi's today. I've decided I may need to make Sunday my day to go there... while I don't have to take three kids with me. I'd much rather take a nap along with my kiddos, but alas! no such luck at this point in my life.

Instead of showing you yet another photo of a rather ugly grocery store building, I thought I'd take a few more photos of some houses in my neighborhood as I drove home. Last week I showed you the house I wish I could buy (if only it would go on the market and we could afford it). This week, I thought I'd show you some houses in my neighborhood that are actually for sale. 

I love our neighborhood and so does This Old House, as they named it Kansas' Best Old House Neighborhood in 2010! So, if you're in the market for a home and want to purchase a home with a lot of character, I'd love to have some awesome new neighbors!

This ginormous house is pretty cool--I've gone through it when they were having an estate sale. but I think a bit over priced.  Because even though it is huge and has some cool details, I don't think it's been redecorated since the eighties- and more importantly (needs an HVAC system put in)! I think everyone else realizes it's a bit overpriced too because it's been on the market for over a year.

I think this one is pretty new to the market, it's just under 3,000 sf and has 4 bedrooms.

This one is for sale by owner and so I wasn't able to find a link for it online. However, if you're seriously interested in it, it's pretty much right across the street from the one above and I suppose you could find it's location that way.

This house looks pretty immaculate in the pictures on line and may be a pretty good deal!  Awesome hardwood floors through every room except the kitchen- which may need some work.

I have seen the work that has gone on for the exterior of this house preparing it for sale.  Unfortunately, this picture doesn't do it justice.

I do love old houses! There's something about their history that is romantic to me. The awesome architecture doesn't hurt either! 

Today, I built my home by doing dishes!, sweeping floors, doing laundry, going grocery shopping, and taking my kids to church. How have you built your home this week?


truthbetold said...

Is the one in the photo below the Park Place house the one on Water St? corner lot? Like 900 block? If it is, we viewed it when we were there in January. It's in pretty good shape. There are stairs to the attic, and I went up there. Finishing out the attic would make such a cool master suite or play room. Love those dormer windows! The Park Place house belongs to the in laws of a friend of mine. He is the realtor who has the listing. I used to love seeing it decorated for Christmas. I have old videos of it.

Bethany said...

Actually, all of these houses happen to be on Park Place between the 17 and 15 hundred blocks. There's a lot of neat ones out there... I may have to feature a different street on another day. (And I definitely am going to check out the house on Water... my childhood home is on Water St.) We did miss the Christmas light extravaganza that was on 1751 this year, it was quite a thing to see! (After taking a second look at their listing, it does look like they've recently reduced the price significantly... I think orginally they were asking for more like half a mil.)

stephanie said...

those houses are amazing! our first house was in a neighborhood like that with all the old yummy homes. i miss it! just gorgeous.