Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Morning Drill

I love blogs.  And I really love a blog that ministers to my spirit while and at the same time inspires me to create.  Infact, most of the blogs that I follow are written by women who are my sisters in Christ and who also love creating things. One of the blogs I've recently come across is Cakies by Rubyellen.   And boy, was I smitten! So much so, I've spent a good portion of this past week going through Rubyellen's archives and looking at past activities, sewing projects and other creative things she's made.  She has such an open heart and shares her struggles as well as her triumphs in a spirit of humility which honors and glorifies God. It's such a fun blog and has so many beautiful things to make!

I soon figured out what to make first when I ran across a morning procedure chart she made for her girls. Of course! Maybe this will help us get on the right foot each morning... we'll soon see. Then drat! it wasn't downloadable. Did she actually mean for me to make my own chart? Maybe she wanted to encourage her readers to try their hand at something instead of just printing a copy of hers off for ourselves?  But she doesn't realize that I can't draw... that's my sister's territory!  (It has been since my sister was 8 and I was 12.)

So I was stuck. I was either, going to have to do it myself, or beg my sister to do it for me.  And my sister is bit busy with more important things like designing wedding invitations and spending quality time with her little guy. I was down to one option- me. So, I got to work:

I think it turned out pretty sweet... even if it was drawn by a girl who hasn't drawn much of anything in years. And it also made me think I might need to practice sketching a bit more.  (And stop comparing my artistic skills with those of my sister!)  It was pretty fun and kinda relaxing--whoodda thunk?

And just 'cause I had one on hand (doesn't everyone keep these things on hand?), I tied mine to a vintage child's hanger like she did. 

Now, we're all set to get off to a good start in the morning... if only I can start waking up at 6:30! Baby steps.

BTW, I do not consider this a work of art by any stretch of the imagination, but you're welcome to use my chart for your own uses if you'd like.  OR if this post encourages you to make your own, be sure to leave me a link in the comments section so I can see what you made!


Rubyellen said...

oh my!!! it looks so good!!! for someone who says she can't draw this is quite well done!!! having a chart does help, but now that i am pregnant all routines have flown out the window! ha!

Amanda said...

Looks great! I still have no idea how you manage to get all this time where you have two hands (unless you drew and typed one-handed, in which case I'm even MORE impressed!)

Anonymous said...

Bethany it's really really cute! And you've always been able to draw just remember that wonderful trashcan painting you did in college??? That was my favorite. Does Angie have that now?

Kyle said...

bethany! i love this. what a great idea, and i agree with rubyellen, if that is NOT drawing well then i'm ashamed to say what my drawing is! :)

stephanie said...

i love this! what a sweet idea! and i think your drawing skills are lovely! my drawing would be an embarrassment compared to this! ; )

va said...

Ok...I will try this again! I commented right after you posted...but some how it didn't show up!
I love this so much..because I did this with my kids! Kirk drew the little pictures and when the kids did their chore/job....they got to put stickers by them! They loved stickers! We had cleaning their rooms and practicing piano on their, too! I have to say it really helped our mornings go better!!!
So much fun to see someone else....so many years later...using this, too!