Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Snapshots

Have you noticed some small changes to my side bar? (I added a facebook button.) To kick off my new facebook page tomorrow, I'm doing a give away that I'm very excited about!  If you don't yet follow me through blogger or haven't liked Little Vintage Me's facebook page yet, you can do it now and you'll be all ready for two of the ways you can enter for a chance to win tomorrow!

 I started teaching K-1 Sunday School again this month... it's been fun and I'm glad I'm back to it.

 After church, we took off to the flea market. I accidentally missed the one in February, so I was more careful about the date this month. Like my "hot" pad? $1! and all that hard work!

 I've recently been falling in love with vintage bumbershoots- this one isn't terribly fancy... just black.

 But I liked the carved wood handle and the wrist strap. $2

 This was our splurge for the day-- it's what finally convinced Diego that he didn't need a not so vintage and very large ambulance. It was $7.50 but has a bell that rings while you dial the rotary! (Plus, now my kids will understand the concept of  a real phone.)

 This library file drawer was $3-- I'm going to screw it to the wall above my desk for organization.

 We bought this jewelry box to go in Eliana's room.  It's just what I had been wanting to find for her birthday, but it was only $5 so, we bought it today.

 In other news, Cruz short reign as the youngest of the Rodz clan came to an end this morning. Welcome, little guy! We can't wait to meet you in person!

So, what did your weekend look like?

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