Thursday, March 10, 2011


Typically, our Thursdays are spent with our dear cousins, Emily and Evie.  Unfortunately, Eliana started out the morning complaining about her tummy and  moping about -- so we didn't get to see them today.
Here's pictures of our sweet little girls modeling the necklaces they made at last week's play date.

Their mommas made some too.  Here's the one that I made. (BTW, Eliana seems to be fine this evening!)

I discovered a bruise on this little guy's forearm today. (Not a good thing when you're already a hormonal, guilt-ridden mommy because you left your baby for an 8 hours stretch to go to work.) Was really relieved when Jesse pointed out the matching one on the opposite side which was more faint and then pointed out the fact that they were both in the location he likes to suck his arms. Apparently, he's given himself hickeys! Maybe we should skip the short sleeves for a while?

On our trip to the Lawn, Flower, and Garden Show this past week, my momma and I oohed and ahhed over this pretty thing. It's called Red Cestrum.

The kids had fun too and came home with Sunflower seeds to plant.

Diego and Eliana bowled for Youth For Christ's bowl-a-thon over the weekend. They were so cute and had so much fun.

When we got there, Eliana promptly told us that she wasn't going to bowl because she didn't like the t-shirt--which Elisabeth had designed! Elisabeth would have none of that and immediately was on a mission to convince Eliana to put on her shirt.  She returned with her a few minutes later... with a matching bowling ball, and shoes.  Plus a bribe: If Eliana would bowl then Elisabeth would take her to play the claw machine after they were done. Obviously, she was convinced to bowl.  I think the two girls had a fantastic time together. And I got a good chance to hold Finley for a while--I was pleased! Oh, and Eliana has since asked to wear the shirt again, so she must have decided she liked it after all.

My cousin Heidi posted this on facebook today. It made me laugh and cry all at the same time. So sweet! Enjoy and have a good Friday tomorrow!


stephanie said...

haha i love that your son gave himself a hickey! your kids are so precious!

va said...

SSSSOOOOO much fun! So what did the t shirts look like???
The video was priceless! yeah...a little teary!!!

Emily B. said...

aww, we missed our time too! But I am so glad to hear that Eliana's not sicky! That is too funny about the hickeys on Cruz... I think that Evie had only part of the necklace around her neck, it's a little goofy, huh? Cute pics anyhow!