Monday, March 7, 2011

Six Hours Later...

My goodness today has been long! My sister was supposed to leave today for Florida, but her flight was canceled-- which left her with no plans for the day.  Since she's been on a Macaron kick, and I had never had them, we decided to give them a whirl at her place this afternoon.  She picked the kids and me up at three.

Six hours later, we had three different kinds of Macarons: Vanilla, Chocolate, and Espresso. Here's a couple of shots from her phone. 

Chocolate macarons waiting to sandwich ganache. Yummo!

Vanilla (not our favorite because we're not big vanilla fans) but we thought it be an easier recipe to begin with.  Still, pretty good.

I thought they were yummy and she says that they're pretty spot-on.  I think she was fairly happy with them since they turned out better than the first time she tried to make them. Still, I think we could probably use some more practice to perfect them. Plus, I think it would be beneficial to taste a professionally made one at some point so I have a better understanding of what they should taste like.

And I know she would have been happier if we'd made some in bright pretty colors.  Maybe next time.  I was too afraid to add food coloring to them since we didn't have powdered coloring and that's what I'd read works best.

Thanks for the fun day, Elisabeth! I hope you have an awesome trip... give those nieces lots of kisses for me!

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stephanie said...

those look so delish!!!!