Monday, March 14, 2011

We Have a Reader!

I've realized a few things over this past year as I've started to teach Diego at home:

  1. Teaching your own child can be more difficult than teaching other people's children. Why is this? I'm still not sure, but I'm certain that it's true.
  2. Kindergarten teachers are saints- full of joy (have you ever seen a K teacher without a permanent smile?) and long-suffering (listening to children sound out the same word over and over would drive all but the most patient people batty in about 2 minutes flat).
  3. There's definitely a reason I did not teach Kindergarten... or 1st grade for that matter. (Patience is not my favorite fruit... the first thing I did when I had a new group of 2nd graders was to teach the entire class how to get in and out of the restrooms in under 5 minutes!)
  4. Perhaps part of the reason God has called me to home-school is to develop some long-suffering in me.
But here we are! Diego read his first little booklet in his MFW curriculum on Friday- phew! and he is so pleased with himself that we had to share it! (Okay, I'm a bit pleased with myself, too. No seriously, it wasn't but a month ago when I broke down in tears and told Jesse that perhaps I couldn't teach Diego after all and we might need to start looking at public school options for next year.  Fortunately, my husband talked me back from the edge and encouraged me to keep on going. Thank you, God, for a wonderful husband!) And thank you, God, for my smart boy!

Happy Monday!


Elisabeth Owens said...

That's great! But I thought he'd actually been reading for a while now,like months. Finley liked the video and started smiling and laughing when it came on. :)

va said...

WOW!!! That was great!! WAY TO GO DIEGO!! I remember when Kate learned how to read! It was sooooo much fun! I remember also feeling like "ohhhh, I can't do this!!!"...but she is in college right now....reading and writing up a storm!!!

Cathy said...


mpoffman said...

He's a smart boy, and you're a great Mami and a wonderful teacher. I'm so proud of you both!!!