Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Snapshots

Jesse doing the dishes after lunch. He said that two weeks ago when he did them, he noticed it worked to his favor and was hoping it would work again. We shall see, my friend, we shall see.

Cruz with his abuelo, Onofre Julian Cruz Rodriguez.

This is why my playroom normally is a crazy mess. It takes them about a minute flat to destroy the place.

Diego and I decided to make no bake cookies during naptime. I had forgotten how easy they were-- and how little clean-up it requires afterward!

We also tried our hand at a self-portrait... I think we took about 30 pictures before we could agree on one.

Our end product-- minus a few that we had already dug into. Yummo!

Hope your weekend has been wonderful-- tell me what your favorite part was. I'd love to hear!


Elizabeth said...

Making a romantic dinner for my anniverisey.

Elisabeth Owens said...

Yum no bake cookies, I'll be stopping by tomorrow! My farovite part was when Finley intentionally said Mama this morning (!!!) and when he intentionally waved goodbye to Yaya and Grandpa yesterday. Big weekend for Finley. :)

Mindy Harris said...

you make me want a COOKIE!

Kyle said...

no bakes! ah! those are my fav...

stephanie said...

no bake cookies are my hubs favorite! they look delicious.