Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Snapshots

The necklace I made last night so I could wear it to church this morning... then in my rush to leave, forgot to put it on. *sigh* Oh well, I guess I got the chance to wear it to the fancy grocery store.

I hadn't been here in forever, but I guess it's official now (since people from church keep on coming up and saying they've heard), I'll soon need to save a bit more on groceries. *gulp* Nervous about that? Yes. But I realize the need to be more accessible to my family right now and I'm confident of God's leading.  I did save a fortune, it seemed, so I'll have to make this a habit. Thanks, Emily, for reminding me how much I can save if I shop here.

Little man and I made the trip by ourselves, which did seem to make it a bit easier to navigate the store.  The big kids stayed home with their papi and took a nap.  He did pretty good except the last five minutes, when he decided he was hungry.  Nothing like nursing a baby in the parking lot.  But you can tell by his face he was a lot happier after he was done.

On my way home, I drove past one of my favorite houses in my neighborhood.  The porch is falling apart and has been in the middle of remodeling for a couple of years now... I totally understand.  They have a beautiful flower bed in the spring though!  (One of these days, if we're still in Wichita, they'll put it on the market and I'll beg Jesse to buy it.)

This verse is ministering to my heart right now as I am beginning to go through transition. What verse has blessed you this week and how? 


Emily B. said...

Lovely necklace! I'm sorry if I harped on the Aldi topic the other day, but so glad you went! It took us a while to catch on and make a habit of going there, but it's worth it! Good verse too, another that I love along those lines is the Luke 12:24-31 passage... and can you imagine living in that house! wow, beautiful.

Michelle said...

So happy you are shopping at Aldi again! You will save sooo much money. I had to do my shopping at Dillons yesterday because I was in a huge hurry, but I spent a fortune for the handful of things I got - ugh!