Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Keepin' It Real

Occasionally, I get comments on my blog that make me worry that I've caused someone else to feel inadequate. Which is never, ever my intent.  (I just find it easier to blog about the beautiful and pretty things in my life... it's easier for me to open about these things. Plus, I don't always want to come across as Debbie Downer--who I can easily turn into if I focus on the wrong things.)

But I want to let you know. This is my real house. Some of us are the cleaning type. Those of you who are, I deeply apologize for what you're about to see because it's most likely going to shock and disgust you. Those of you who are the cleaning type may wonder how I have time for some of my projects or estate sale shopping... this is it.  I let my house go.

(dirty dishes everywhere, overflowing garbage can, craft projects, & very dirty floors! oh my!)

Others of you, like me, may not realize I'm a messy because I usually don't post those pictures. I. am. a. messy. I don't want to be... but then who does? Most of the cleaning type would probably like to do more projects, but they couldn't survive in a house like mine. It all evens out in the end, right? We do the things that are the biggest priorities to us.

(vintage finds, teapots to return to my momma, my starbucks cold cup, & party decor 4 weeks later!)

I feel like I constantly battle the feelings of inadequacy because I have a momma who is as close to the Proverbs 31 woman as I'll ever meet. No really... she had friends who called her that when I was growing up. But being the wise and godly woman she is, (as she washes my dishes again) she reminds me that her sink used to be full of dirty dishes all the time when I was young. Because she doesn't want me to feel inadequate any more than I want you to. And this weekend, one of her friends told me that the dish story is true!

(kids' shoes everywhere, stacks of laundry--there's one on my printer, & tons of paperwork to file or shred)

So there's hope. Not that I'll always have time to do everything I want (my momma still doesn't have all the time she'd like), but that I may at least not have such a messy house. Today, however, I sent my older two with my wonderful aunt, Nine. So I could clean this mess. I'm still not done, but have a great start. Because even though I'm going to try to keep it real with you, I'm going to try my best to not make my in-laws live in my reality for a week and a half! And with that, I'm out (and back to cleaning)!


Dottie Ryherd said...

Oh Bethany you are just the cutest! Yes, your mother is a fantastic woman and you sound like you've followed in her footsteps! Your love of God, family and others is so just be YOU girl!
PS Love the chosen colors in your home!

Sarah said...

You have the most adorable house clean or not =) Love the kitchen

Stacie said...

You just made my day! I'm not alone with the mess... and hope for something better tomorrow!

va said...

Well...funny! I didn't think it looked that messy! I thought it looked pretty good. Now you know I won't be posting pics of my home...and I don't even have kiddos at home anymore!! OHHHH DEAR!!

Elisabeth Owens said...

Bethany, did you know if you click on the photos they get larger and you can see even more of the mess??? Oh my! ;)

I love you, and you do a great job with everything you do. And you're right, there are more important things than a clean house. Just think some day we'll live in our Father's house and won't have to worry about silly messes cause everything will be perfect. Can't wait!

Bethany said...

Elisabeth- lol! Yes, it is easier to see just how bad it is! Perhaps, VA needs to do that (or perhaps she needs to come and visit me sometime so she can see it and me in person).

Drea said...

this post made me smile. i had to let go of my own expectations of a clean house almost 2 summers ago. i desperately wanted to sew and do crafts, but as soon as i turned my back, the house would go to pot. i asked a friend how she did it, and she told me to lower my expectations. it was the best decision i ever made.
thanks for keeping it real!

Wendy said...

Ha! I didn't even see a mess anywhere; it all just looked "normal" to me. Your house is SO CUTE. I love the colors, the vintage finds...!! If that's a messy day, then you don't know what messy is. ;)
Have you ever read the Messies Manual. I love it. Finally was able to understand myself, and take some steps to solve my biggest issues. I'm no hoarder, but I do tend to see beauty and value in too much, if that's possible. For example, "I should keep this broken chain because *someday* I'll make it into *something* special for *someone*." Obviously no real plan, just a vague purpose.
Anyyyyway, like you said, it all comes down to priorities. I'd rather do at in the evenings that mop every night. Each to his own. :D

mpoffman said...

I'm glad your priorities are where they are, AND the Proverbs 31 thing is a joke! I don't want to be saddled with those expectations either! But thank you for loving me inspite of my crazy cleaning jags; I love you and think you are absolutely wonderful!!!

Cathy said...

sweet! I have a magnet on my fridge that says "Dull women have immaculate houses." I live by house gets crazy chaotic and I don't even have children! And as the one who nicknamed your mom Barbie of the wasn't because she always had her dishes done...because she didn't! It seems like you take after your mom in more ways than one...and that is a compliment to both of you...keep on looking to Jesus!