Friday, March 25, 2011

My Dad {& Nest in the Sun Winners}

(photo courtesy Brian Dexter)
  • saved me today... I was stranded at the pediatrician's office because my car wouldn't start. Dad was there in a jiffy and did something to make it start again.
  • is my son's best friend. There's no one he'd rather spend time with... they are quite the pair.
  • called to tell Jesse he had won tickets to a basketball game last week; Jesse thought he was being invited to go along. He wasn't. Dad wanted Diego to go.
  • likes his KU, so we'll be eating at home tonight so he can catch the game.
  • supplies his entire family with enough fish to eat throughout the summer.
  • watches my kids every Wednesday afternoon so I can go to work. And even changes diapers.
  • was a youth pastor... until I hit high school. And then, he'd had enough.
  • is always watching out for his family.
  • can be very frugal, but extremely generous with his kids!
  • is stubborn. And passed it to his oldest child... they butt heads frequently. But they still love each other.
  • is 59 today! Happy Birthday, Daddy. I love you!
Congrats to Kyle and Sarah! Please contact me with your info--the first one to respond gets her pick of prizes!  And thanks again to Wendy, for such a generous gift!


Joshua said...

I like the won tickets one. I didn't know that. Very funny. I'm glad you all are acquiescing, so he can watch the game like I know he wants to. Hope you all have fun tonight.

Stacy said...

He wasn't just any youth pastor, he was the very BEST!!!!!! I still live my life with the lessons he taught us, thank you Ronnie! Happy Birthday, go KU!

Sarah said...

how exciting!! I never win. What all information do you need and do you want me to e-mail it to you? THanks for the awesome give-a-way!

Bethany said...

Yes, Sarah. Email me at the Contact me link in the side bar with your address and your favorite picture and I'll mail it to you.