Friday, April 1, 2011

In Need of a Pocket (and Friday Favorites)

We've been studying Kangaroos this week-- so we ended our unit by reading this book:

Which I just happened to find last week for a quarter....score! 

If you're not familiar with Katy, she doesn't have a pocket for her joey... so she cries a lot. Until she talks some kind soul into giving her his apron full of pockets.  Then she can carry her joey... and a few extra critters, too!

The kids seemed to like it, I was proud of Diego for recognizing an artist's work-- he wanted to know if Curious George could be found in the book. And afterwards, we got to work making our own.

So much fun!

And such a mess! Eliana is covered with marker all over her legs... she also got my jeans. And that's the end of that.  We are not ready for markers yet.

Lots of hard work +successful results=Happiness

And speaking of pockets, if mine were lined with and extra $864 this week, this is what I'd buy. Well, maybe not. That is a bit excessive. But if I mine were lined with an extra few bucks, I might buy one of these items. *sigh* A girl can dream, right?

Hope you're having a Fabulous Friday... here's looking to a Wonderful Weekend, too!


va said...

OOOOHHHH yes!!! Katie No Pocket! A must read! I read it when I was a little girl and I found it and read it to my kids.'s just waiting for Raanen to get old enough to enjoy it!! Ohhhhh so much fun! Love the aprons the kids made!!! You are an awesome mama!!

chrisandginny said...

LOVE that book :) I actually stole it from my Mom's house so it's in Emmalyn's collection now ;)