Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hello, There

Sorry it's been awhile. Things have been crazy here. Like: 

Jesse's parents came back in town for another week.

And Jesse's been in between jobs this week just doing odds and ends here and there for people. Need him to work on your place? Now's the time to give him a call!

My insurance lady won't call me back.

And today, my washer that's been on it's last leg for the past few months decided now would be the perfect time to die. Thank you, Momma, for cleaning that mess so I didn't have to come home to it!

But on a brighter note:

Tonight at work, I shared the resurrection story. After I was done teaching the lesson, Javier came and told me it was the best story he'd ever heard... I agree, Javi! I totally agree!

And a couple of weeks ago when I went searching for glitter for this project, I ran across the supplies I purchased on clearance a couple years ago to make these cards... and I realized it was just stickers... no need for glue which meant the kiddos and I could easily do them together and send them out!

So, we've been talking about how the caterpillar changing into a butterfly resembles Christ's resurrection.

We also made palm branches earlier in the week but we started beating each other with them and they got confiscated. (Nothing says hosanna better than a slap in the face.)

I finally broke out the Easter books. No, I still haven't decorated for Easter... it's this weekend? My how time flies! But I'm looking forward to reading this one... it's one of my favorites. I L.O.V.E. the illustrations.

And tomorrow we're decorating eggs with some of our favorite people. And then I'm going out on my girl's night this Friday. Yippee!

Hope you've had a Wonderful Wednesday. Hope to see you tomorrow!


va said...

I just love your posts!! God is good...All the time! His mercies are new every morning!!! We serve a most amazing and powerful God!!! AND ohhhh how He loves us!!!

Elisabeth Owens said...

Let's see... Love the butterfly kit, you made me laugh so hard I almost peed myself with the "Nothing says hosanna better than a slap in the face." hahaha, you are such a good momma and teacher. :)

Sarah said...

love how the butterfly project ended up looking! Super cool