Saturday, April 23, 2011

Resurrection Rolls

Our Bible Story for the night:

You know, whenever someone does something wrong--when someone sins, the rule is that something has to died. We know this because the Bible says the payment for sin is death. Sin makes our hearts dirty and hearts that are dirty with sin can't live with God in Heaven. But God didn't want His people to die and not live with Him. He loves us. So instead He told the people to kill a perfect lamb. One that was white and didn't have any marks on it. The white was to remind us of a promise He made. That one day, He would send someone to save us...someone to die as us. Someone who was perfect and didn't have any sin on His heart.

Then, when God sent Jesus, His plan was started. Jesus would grow up and never sin-- never do anything wrong. He never did anything wrong because He was God. His heart was perfect.

His heart was clean and white kinda like this marshmallow.
Jesus grew up and taught people how to live... how to love each other. Then one day, a lady came to him and poured a perfume made of oil and spices on his feet. Usually people didn't do that to someone unless they were dead. But is Jesus dead in this picture? No, he's not. Why do you think she's doing that to him then? Diego:Because he's about to die. You're right! Jesus said she was doing this for his death. He's about to die; just a few days later he would die.
Dip your marshmallow in the oil and spices. (Butter and cinnamon.)
Jesus died on a cross for us because he wants us to live with Him in Heaven.

His friends were so sad. They took Jesus' body and put it in a tomb and closed it up. They thought they would never see Him again.

Let's cover our marshmallows up so we can't see them. (Crescent rolls)

Now that we're done. Let's put these in the oven. (375 for 12 minutes.) Then it's time to go to bed. Diego:But I'm sad. I want to eat them tonight. I know, and Jesus' friends were sad when they went to bed that night too. I guess we'll just have to wait until the morning to hear the rest of the story.

Tomorrow morning, we'll talk about Jesus Resurrection. Our rolls are empty... just like the tomb!
All pictures are from "The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes" by Kenneth N. Taylor


mpoffman said...

The most wonderful story, and even sweeter when little ones catch a glimpse of His truth!

Lisa said...

We made these last Wednesday night in Benson Buddies (3,4,& 5yo) and they turned out great.