Monday, April 11, 2011

New Art at My House

My house seems to be brimming with new art and budding talent these days:

Diego has been practicing looking at things to draw them! I know, a novel idea... but boy! does he do well when he tries! I love this barn.

And I love his self-portrait... even though he took artistic license and gave himself blue eyes.

Eliana told me that this is her Shaka-lahka Barn. I love the colors she chose, but then maybe I'm just happy it's not black?

And then my little sister had to go out of her way to surprise me with this beauty! (Yes, the flowers are gorgeous too!)

But the vase is hers, as well. She's so talented! This is a new glaze for her and I'm excited to see what else she creates... and feeling blessed that I get some of the fruits of her labor. Jealous that you don't have a sister that gives you pottery? Well, I can't remedy that, but I can tell you that she sells her work.  Don't go to her Etsy store because it's empty.  Instead, visit her contact page if you'd like to set up an appointment to look at her pieces in person.


Elisabeth Owens said...

What great pictures! My all time favorite of Diego's will be the one he did of Dad though. You should really post it! BTW You can also find my work on ;)

Wendy said...

Beautiful! I love kids' art!! That self-portrait is really rockin'.

And ~beautiful~ vase from your sister. That's amazing...makes me miss the days when I had access to a kiln.
You're a blessed woman, having and being surrounded by so much talent!

lgardner said...

Those are all delightful pictures!