Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I hope you're Easter was as lovely as ours.

My kids woke up from afternoon naps to discover that the Easter Bunny had been by.

Nothing like eating chocolate and trying to get a good shot of the kids at the same time.

See the Life with Jesus dvd? The Easter Bunny should have done a little bit more research, seeing as how halfway through watching it she thought: "Who created this crapola?" The answer: Gaiam. Yeah, nothing says Easter like Eastern religions, right? I think the E.B. may have a return to make and a bone to pick with Family Christian Store.

Shortly there after, we were off to Yaya and Grandpa's for an egg hunt and dinner with some of my favoritist peoples.

Diego and Eliana's techniques were complete opposites:

Diego had his basket filled to the brim in two minutes flat.

Eliana found an egg, opened it, played with or ate the contents.

Evie was somewhere in the middle of those two extremes.

Cruz watched his big brother and sister with great intensity.

Finley was just busy looking dapper on Grandpa's lap.

We are so blessed.

Thank you, Jesus for your act of grace! 'Cause that's what Easter truly is all about!

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Emily B. said...

I especially love that shot of Cruz, up-close. He is scrumptious. And Ha-Ha, Gaiam made a Life of Jesus video?!