Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Earth Layers Cake

Science is not my thing. It never has been. I blame this mainly on my mom--it's not her thing either. And even though I have an El. Ed. degree, I'm still not perfectly confident in it. In fact, my best science idea is this: let my retiring-in-one-more-year science teacher aunt, Nine teach my kids. And that's seriously what I hope to do, if she's willing to teach them. But in the mean time, I suppose I ought to teach them something... which is why I do like my curriculum MFW (which gives me lots of ideas) and also Bill Nye the Science Guy YouTube posts. Life. Saver.

Anyway, this week, we're studying rocks and the curriculum told me to read this book to the kids... which I did. And then as I was reading it, I had an epiphany. It said: "Layers--Hmmm, like a cake." Of, course! Now there's a science I understand.

So later that day, this is the creation we came up with:
First layer: Inner Core (Solid Metal)- Shortbread
Second layer: Outer Core (Melted Metal)- Molten Brownie
Third layer: Mantle (Solid Rock)- Toffee
Fourth layer: Melted Rock- Cream Cheese
Fifth layer: Crust Crumbled Oreos

Yep, it's pretty good. Here's the recipe I used for the first two layers.

For the third layer, I used this recipe but quartered it and only did  the toffee-- no chocolate on top.

We used about 3 oz. of cream cheese for the fourth layers.

And crushed 10 Oreos for the fifth layer.

Through out, I kept referring the kids to the earth layers picture in the book to help them connect our concoction to what we were supposed to be learning.

And before we cut into it, we explained it to our extended family, so we could say things like: "The mantle is my favorite layer." 

Little servings, folks, it's really, really rich!

But oh so good! Think melty Heath bar with shortbread and Oreo.


Mindy Harris said...

um i'm sold. we shoulda come over!

mpoffman said...

Uh, yes, thanks for sharing. I'm beginning to come down from my sugar high - two days later.

Michelle said...

We read that book recently! I think you are super creative to come up with the cake idea! Good work mama!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh my goodness this looks awesome!! Really like your blog. Glad I found it.