Thursday, April 28, 2011

Much Better

Today we got out of the house and into the sunshine, which was much needed!

I'm afraid my kids have had to deal with a very grouchy mommy the past few days... there's only so much gloomy weather I can take before it begins to seriously affect my mood.

Off to Botanica to see the peonies (one of my favorites!) and Emily and Evie.

Unfortunately, I was slow in getting out the camera today and by that time Evie had reached her limit and needed a nap. We were sad to see them go...

But determined to stay and continue to enjoy the wonder of God's creation.

What is it with Eliana and her tongue?

Diego and I were determined to get a picture of both of them smiling... we just had differing opinions on how it should be done.

It also happened to be TPA day at Botanica.

Diego ran into a lovely little red-headed girl who is using the same Kinder curriculum. (When I get to heaven, is it okay to make requests about what my new body will look like? I'd like red hair, please. I think I inherited my granny's red-hair obsession.) I refrain from taking her picture- mainly because Emily and I had just had a conversation about not taking photos of strangers' children. (Not cool!)

However, I had a lovely chat with her mom and the kids enjoy playing together in the fountain. Quite literally. They were drenched. Apparently, I was a little too involved in conversation.

Fortunately, no one caught us and revoked our membership... (that would have been a tragedy I don't think I could have survived) and we will get to return again quite soon. 

How has your day been? Have you had a chance to enjoy some sunshine recently?

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