Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Vintage Bridal Shower

My dear friend, Angie loves vintage about as much as I do. And since she's getting married this summer some of her friends decided to throw her a vintage shower-- complete with vintage gifts. Can I say how much fun this was? What an awesome idea to ask for vintage Pyrex and Fiesta Ware!

So, the past couple days have been filled with prep (polishing all my silver) and creating a vintage banner. 

I started by collecting large file pictures of vintage ads by browsing Google and then printing them off.

Although I didn't end up using this first one, I just love it! The men's suit is called "daredevil." Of course! What else would you call a man who is comfortable wearing a suit with cut outs on the sides?

I also printed large letters in about a 600 pt font for the words I wanted to create and then cut them out.

I pasted the ads onto poster board-- okay, I'll be honest. I didn't have poster board and I also didn't want to make a quick one-hour trip (nothing's ever quick with 3 kids in tow) to pick some up. So, I improvised and used file folders.

Stopped to entertain a fussy baby.

Got him to smile and then continued with my project.

I then traced the letters onto the ads and cut them out.

Then, out came the Martha Stewart glitter! I glittered some of the objects in each ad and also glittered around the edges of the letters to make them pop.

A hole punch and vintage seam binding to hold them together and I was done!

Such a pretty party.

Our napkins were vintage hankies--which were washed afterwards and given to the bride. She plans on sewing them together and making curtains for her kitchen! Cute!

And what a beautiful bride-to-be! Looking forward to your special day, Ang! Great job with the party, Ambre and Cathy!


Sarah said...

looks awesome! How fun =)

stephanie said...

what a beautiful party! love the banner!

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