Thursday, April 21, 2011

Six Hours Later: Take Two

My sister invited Emily and I (and our kids, of course) over to her house for a little egg decorating event today. I thought we'd spend a couple of hours with them, do our thing, leave for home and have naps. But apparently none of us remembered this day not long ago.

It was fun, alright. And the results were awesome! We enjoyed each other's company tremendously. But I don't think anyone was prepared for the six hour stay that ensued.

It started by boiling eggs. Okay, I actually waited until mine reached a boil at my house and then took them in the pan over to her house at 11.

We were supposed to take the eggs out of the hot water and immediately put shaved crayon bits on them to melt. These ones did well.

But none of the others did much... they were all too cool to really melt the crayons well.

So I decided to try melting by fire. Out came the matches. I went through two small matchboxes.

The kids? What were they doing during our, er, I mean their egg dying project? I think they tore the house apart about three times and watched Tangled.

And then we sent Emily to the store for a lighter... which I ruined almost immediately, because I didn't read the directions and failed to realize that you shouldn't keep it lit for more than 30 seconds at a time. I guess four minutes melts some mechanism inside that makes it work.

We gave it up and then decided to let the kids dye some eggs finally.

Did I tell you that in the middle of this whole thing we sat down for a gourmet pasta lunch? (Which I forgot to take a picture of.) It was even vegetarian! --more on that later. And then she gave us these yummo hot cross buns for dessert!

After the kids started to dye some eggs, Elisabeth still didn't like the results, so she broke out the blow torch. The perfect place to lay the eggs for this is on the air conditioning unit, right?

The end result was beautiful.

And after my son's clothes had been washed (yes, he did managed to dump an entire cup of red dye on himself) and dried, we finally left at 5. So much for nap time!

Thanks, Elisabeth and Emily (and kiddos) for the lovely day!


va said...

Those eggs are beautiful!!! Way to persevere!!

Elisabeth Owens said...

I've gotta tell you, I feel a little white trash in that photo. I'm torching crayons, on eggs, on my ac unit. Boy I sure didn't think through that photo shoot very well (we should have used the lid to a trash can). hahaha

Michelle said...

Would it have worked to just put them in the microwave for several seconds? They did turn out beautiful!

Bethany said...

Michelle- we talked about that option but didn't like the idea of cleaning up an explosion if one decided to pop!