Monday, May 2, 2011

The Choco Taco and a Book

These ingredients have been calling my name. Well, actually, I realized that Jesse had bought cinnamon tortillas from our local Kroger... and I wondered what on earth I was going to do with them.

Not much later, a plan evolved. You'll need a grill, cooking spray for your grill to keep things from sticking, marshmallows, milk chocolate chips, banana slices and a tortilla. (I'm fairly certain it would be yummy even if you don't have cinnamon tortillas on hand. And really, how many of us do? Unless you have a husband like mine.)

Diego's discovered he can read books... well, he's been reading his little curriculum books for several weeks now, but he realized with a bit of help, he could read other books... about topics near and dear to his heart. Like Thomas the Tank Engine.

It is definitely a work in progress and it takes a long time, but he's so determined! He's read this book 3 times and then I bought him a new Thomas book to read. (Too be honest, it's not my favorite type of book. But it's what he knows and likes right now. So, while I don't consider it high quality literature, I do consider it high in motivation for this 4-year-old.)

I'm looking forward to this summer and the lack of curriculum so we can just read whatever he wants and get really good at it! It made me think of the Wichita Public Library's summer reading program when I was a child.  Does anyone else remember it? Taco Tico kid's meals as reward for reading books.  I remember piles and piles of books at our home... especially in the summer.  And what a treat! A meal out at Taco Tico every week-- pretty special to kids who rarely ate out!

They don't do that anymore. And I think their Choco Taco's are frozen and full of ice cream, too. But it doesn't really matter to us too much because Jesse, doesn't like Taco Tico. (Apparently Mexican food made by Indians turns him into a food critic. Who knew?) But this home made Choco Taco is going to be a favorite around here. And honestly, it is the perfect reward for reading a book for 30 minutes. (Or getting to listen to it.)

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mpoffman said...

Sweet memories of bags full of books, hours on the couch reading, and lunch at Taco Tico. As I remember the kid's meals were sort of wasted on you because you didn't like the pop or crustos.