Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mexican Pescetarianism

Jesse and I decided a couple of days into Lent that we ought to try a pescetarian diet. This was kind of an odd thing  for us because although we know that it's a fairly common thing for Catholics to do, it's a fairly unfamiliar concept to both of us. It started after a couple of conversations we'd had. One in which Jesse was saying that he'd like to start eating healthier and incorporating more veggies into his diet. (He's really not a veggie lover.) And another in which my momma said she'd dropped several pounds in week one of dropping meat from her diet. (Which encouraged me to give it a try.)

Let me say that this was a huge thing for Jesse. There have been times in the past when I didn't have some sort of meat on the plate and heard quite a bit of grumbling. Bean burritos by themselves have been a no-no around our house in the past. "That's what I grew up having every day, and we can afford to not live like that anymore" sort-of-a-thing. I understood--my dad loathes rice to this day (something he had far too often as a child and I think associates with poverty). So, on days when I didn't cook with red meat (which was often), I incorporated chicken most of the time. So, we decided to give it a go eating vegetarian... with the exception of fish, which Jesse incorporated into his diet often. And I ate about once or twice a week.

We had made the rule that we would be gracious guests and wouldn't impose our eating choices on our hosts- something we try to do anyway. We really try to eat anything offered to us-- which will explain why I've had menudo and fried bamboo maggots. Anywho, halfway into our eating adventure, we both realized it wasn't so bad. I really didn't feel like I was missing anything most days, and Jesse, although craving chicken on occasion, really didn't feel the need for red meat.

Enter: A new eating life-style. The reasons for Jesse are pretty straight-forward, a healthier diet. I add to that the idea that if everyone would eat like this that there would not be a need for grain-fed cattle... which would free up more food resources for the hungry. So, there you have it. I've been reluctant to tell anyone for fear that I'd flub up royally if I told anyone before Lent was over. Plus,I don't want anyone to feel the need to accommodate us... we really don't want that (and meat on occasion will be a treat)!

Through this experience, we've come up with a fish taco that's become a new favorite for us-- even the kids eat it!

Here's the list of what you need: a bit of oil, a yellow onion, half a bag of frozen corn, a can of black beans, fish fillets (we've used frozen tilapia, but will use fresh fish soon now that my daddy's started fishing again), Adobo seasoning, a couple keylimes, an avocado, corn tortillas, cooking spray, and some salt.

Start by cutting your onion into thin slices and frying them in a small amount of oil. Brown them well... the better they're cooked the sweeter they are!

Add the corn- blacken a bit (you want to make it taste like it's been roasted... then add a can of drained and rinsed black beans. Add a pinch of salt and your done-- I'm dreaming of fresh tomatos from a summer garden to add to this soon!

The fish, I throw onto the George Foreman grill, liberally sprinkle Adobo and add lime juice! Close and let cook til done. It really couldn't be much easier.

Corn tortillas have just recently become something I've come to appreciate. There's a saying in Spanish: "Las de harina ni me las calienten." It basically means flour tortillas are so much better you don't even have to warm them. And I agree. But corn tortillas are a lot better for you... if you don't fry them. Recently, I've learned that if I spray them with 0 calorie cooking spray on each side and fry them till they're crispy, they're about as good as a tortilla chip- especially if you add a bit of salt to them. 

Place a piece of fish in a tortilla, with the beans and corn and top with some avocado slices and you've got a quick and simple (and pretty healthy) meal on your hands... Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow, so give it a try! 

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