Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our Super Busy Saturday

This little guy decided to sleep from 9:30-5:30! Woo-hoo! It only took him 6 months... something my other kids were doing at 6 weeks. Whatever, I'll take it. I felt so refreshed from having uninterrupted sleep that when he did wake up for a feeding, I just got up! A.Maz.Ing. It gives me hope that one day I might be able to actually regularly wake up before my kids!

Speaking of the little guy, his passport is here! Now, he's all set to go to Mexico City next month. Well, not quite. I still need to buy his ticket. Who knew babies don't ride free on international flights? I'd leave the little guy at home with his siblings if he wasn't still attached at the... well, you know. Oh well, such is life!

This little boy had his last soccer game of the school year. So sad! He's had such a good time, but he's all registered for next year... we're looking forward to more fun and more laughs next fall!

After Diego's game, my momma, Elisabeth, Eliana, Finley and I headed out to get pedicures. Eliana was too excited about sitting in this seat! She had a blast... I was bummed because they wouldn't paint goldfish on her toes. Boo! Anyone know of a salon in town that will do this?

Our toes turned out cute anyway.

After we pick-up tacos from here, we went home. The girl went down for a nap and I broke out the heat gun and attacked the window seat in our vestibule. Still not done.

One day soon, it's going to be rid of all it's forest green paint and ugly stencils and it's going to match the fireplace mantle.

Have I ever told you of my thorn in the flesh? It's a 1977 Jeep Cherokee.  She's older than me, and uglier than me, and it's the one thing in our home that Jesse's had longer than me. It's been parked for 5 years now. But that's about to change. We finally shelled out the big bucks for a transmission to be refurbished. And Jesse spent a good part of his afternoon installing it. Yes, it was 97 degrees today and yes, Jesse did wear coveralls over his clothes. Cra-zy! What a man will do for his true love is amazing. *sigh*

After nap, the girl came down stairs and asked me if she could play outside with Diego. I told her she could after she changed out of her pull-up. She went upstairs, and I got back to stripping paint. A few minutes later, Jesse came in and asked me if I knew Eliana was in the sandpile only wearing underwear--no shorts. Oh my! (Apparently, I am that mommy!)

What a lovely day it has been with my beautiful momma, my beautiful sister--getting ready to celebrate her first mother's day, and my husband and kids who've made me a mama! God is wonderful!

What have you been up to today?

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Elisabeth said...

Hahaha, I love this shot of Nana. :) She'll hate you in a couple years for it.