Saturday, November 19, 2011

Under a Rock, I Suppose

Being a stay-at-home mommy is somewhat the same as living under a rock, I suppose. How else can I explain that I've never heard of Sufjan Stevens? But Pandora got it really right this time on my Christmas music. I mean, seriously? Because I like 400-some-year-old Riu, Riu Chiu which is in old Spanish, that means I must want Mexican Polka Christmas music? Uh, no. And I don't really want Beyonce singing me carols either.

But back to Stevens. I don't think he'd be my go-to guy the rest of the year and I certainly wouldn't suggest taking theology lessons from him. He does have an album based on Chinese zodiac and I don't know what all else. Still I'm thoroughly enjoying listening to his Christmas goodies like this one. And I think I know what Christmas album to buy when I get a chance!

Have a lovely Saturday!

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