Monday, November 7, 2011

Two Cups, A Bowl and My Boy

It's been a dreary day. Cold, dark, rainy. I don't mind at all. It can pour and the boy and I can hang out. Eliana woke up with a runny nose this morning. Cruz woke up from a 30 minute afternoon nap with a runny nose and low grade fever. They're finally laying down. Again. In the meantime, my big boy and I are enjoying hot chocolate, popcorn and a movie... and finishing up some illustrations for today's school work.

This weather makes me nostalgic:

  • It makes me remember drinking hot chocolate with my granny. She liked to make cinnamon toast sticks to pair with the treat. I miss her!
  • It makes me think of snuggling with my momma as she'd read us chapter books. The Little House books and Chronicles of Narnia and so many other wonderful treasures.
  • It makes me remember bowls of popcorn with my daddy--who still makes his popcorn the right way on the stove. 
Unlike me who grabbed a bag and threw it in the microwave. It's alright. My boy's happy with it anyway. And I made up for it by steaming the milk for the hot chocolate. Salted, of course. Mine with cayenne pepper.

Snuggle with your babies, read a good book, share a treat, spend time, laugh together and make memories. It's the perfect weather to do so! Have a Marvelous Monday!

4 comments: said...

Oh no, still sickness going around. :( I'm glad you and Diego could have some quality time. I don't remember the cinnamon toast stick. :/

Ali said...

i love the way you guys snuggle up. we do that too ;) my kids have had the bug too, so it's a little school mixed with snuggle time. i'm not complaining ;)

Michelle said...

I love these kinds of things!

Emily B. said...

I echo Elisabeth 100%. Love you and glad you got to savor that sweet time with your big boy.