Friday, November 11, 2011

Granny and Grandad

Today I'm remembering my grandad who served our country so bravely... I wish I had known him better. Through his personal writings, I have had a chance to understand him more. (That's why I firmly believe writing your story is so valuable... whether in a blog or in a notebook!) He was a man of great character and conviction who served his country dutifully alongside many self-sacrificing men. For them I am grateful!

I'm remembering my granny, whose birthday is today. Who didn't have a fancy wedding because the man she loved was about to go off to war. Who said this was as close to a wedding photo as they came because the base where they were married would not allow photography. Who I knew well, and miss greatly!


mpoffman said...

Thank you - well said! I've been wanting to post something all day, but couldn't get the words out, even in print. They were wonderful parents and grandparents and are loved and missed so dearly!

Emily B. said...

Thank you for the sweet remembrance of two exceptional people. We are blessed to have had them as grandparents! They sacrificed much and invested so well in our parents and in us. I miss them too.

My Songbook said...

This is a sweet post :). I have a family who served as well- including my dad and my granddad. Your grandparents seems so sweet. And It is crazy to me how much times have changed- that they wouldn't allow photography on base?